Home Remedies for Appetite loss

Published: 15th July 2008
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Loss of appetite, appetite loss, no appetite, lose of appetite, poor appetite or lack of appetite can be due to a variety of factors. Loss of appetite, poor appetite or lack of appetite may not only be due to a physical condition or disorder, but it may be linked also to a mental, emotional, or spiritual contributing factor.

Struggling with cancer or some other serious health condition, eating disorders, or hormone imbalance are some of the physical contributing factors of loss of appetite, lack of appetite, a poor appetite, or no appetite. Stress, anxiety, and depression and are some of the most common mental or emotional contributing factors of appetite loss, lack of appetite, poor appetite, or no appetite at all. We can also experience loss of appetite, no appetite, poor appetite or lack of appetite due to a spiritual contributing factor such as dealing with death or the thought of death, intense grief, a major life crisis, or huge shift in a relationship.

Loss of appetite is also helped along by bad or improper eating habits displayed by the person. Some causes of appetite loss in a person include eating sweets and drinking soft drinks between meals, the consumption of large and heavy meals which are rich in saturated fats at odd times. The stomach finds it very hard to digest all types of deep-fried foods especially when they are eaten in large amounts. At the same time, the digestive system finds it very easy to deal with small meals which are rich in foods like the vegetables and fruits-these also taste good and promote the health of the person. To promote a hearty appetite, it is important that the food consumed tastes good-this is a vital factor to promote hearty appetites.

Lime is also a valuable remedy for restoring a lost appetite. A preparation made from this fruit and ginger has been found very effective in overcoming this condition.

Sour grapes are another effective remedy for anorexia.

Garlic possesses a special property to stimulate the digestive tone of the system and improve appetite. A soup prepared from this vegetable can be of immense help to a patient suffering from anorexia.

The use of ginger is valuable in the loss of appetite. About five grams of this vegetable should be ground and licked with a little salt once a day for the treatment of this condition.

The application of an ice-bag over the stomach for half an hour before meals, and a cool hip bath once or twice daily, will go a long way in curing anorexia.

Juice of Gur with added Imli (Tamarind), dalchini choti elaichi, and kaali mirch powder

Pomegranate juice with added salt and honey

Ginger with salt Lemon juice prepared with ginger and honey before meal Jal jeera.

Roast a mango on fire and then put it in cold water for sometime, when it is cools down completely squeeze it into the water, make juice and drink it with added salt, jeera (Cumin Seed) and pudina (Mint)

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