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Published: 17th January 2009
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Dry skin has no permanent cure but the skin can be softened and made smoother by using a few remedies. Most popularly, lotions and creams are used to soothe the dry skin. Using a mild soap or a cleansing body wash might eliminate the problem temporarily. However, this option can turn out to be pretty expensive if the skin is genetically dry or just exceptionally dry. Certain remedies can be used to soften the dry skin right at home.

Create a practical dry skin solution by mixing six teaspoons of petroleum jelly and two teaspoons each of lemon juice and glycerin., Apply the resulting solution, in the form of lotion, unto the skin at least two times every week. Doing so has been proven to effectively remedy not just dry skin but also flaky legs and arms. Applying can also be a relaxing activity especially when you are doing the task just as if you are massaging yourself.

First, drink water. Water is an antioxidant and hydrates the body from inside and out. It remedies dryness in its own mild way and excretes wastes and hazardous chemicals like urea, excess salts and other chemicals from the body. It plays a vital role in moisturizing skin.

Effective dry skin products should contain moisturizing ingredients such as avocado and macadamia extracts, vitamin E for stimulating skin cell and antioxidants such as Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 which is a special form of CoQ10 that can penetrate to the skin easily and protect you from the harmful elements called free radicals.

Honey, a dry skin natural remedy, is a substance that is healing to the skin. When applied to the skin it is healing and moisturizing. It helps dead skin cells move from the surface and stimulates renewal and regrowth of skin tissues. It is also antibacterial. In severe cases, you can put honey on skin that needs a bandage. It will keep the bandage from sticking to the wounded skin. Yogurt can be used as a skin cleanser, acting as a natural moisturizer. Oatmeal heals and soothes dry skin, and helps the skin to slough off dead skin cells.

In order to reduce the dryness of the skin, massage therapy must be used. Any herbal oil will do for the massage. Almond, avocado and olive oils are the best. The whole skin must be massaged and fingers must be used to dig deeper so as to pass the oil into the skin. After the massage, you must wait for about half an hour (keep the massaged skin exposed to the air if possible) and then go for a bath. The period helps the oil to permeate into the skin.

Sieve barley or wheat flour and add one fourth teaspoonful of turmeric powder (in the thick part), one spoon of mustard or sesame oil and water to make a paste. Apply on the body and face before bathing. After drying or after 10 minutes rub it with the palms to remove the paste. After an hour bath with lukewarm water. Skin becomes soft, fair and silky.

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