How To Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

Published: 22nd July 2008
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Stuffy Nose

Come winter time and most of the people fall prey to the problem of cough and cold. Amongst all the symptoms of the ailment, the most irritating one is that of a stuffy nose. You are not able to breathe properly and sleeping becomes like a torture. More often than not, a stuffy nose is also accompanied by a kind of heaviness in the head.

Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

How is it that I've written articles about sore throats, colds, the flu, headaches and fevers, but never an article about how to get rid of a stuffy nose? Well, now I have, and it focuses not only on getting rid of a stuffy nose, but it also focuses on something that's becoming a more popular diagnosis for chronically stuffy noses.

Stuffy Nose Home Remedies

Steam will unclog a stuffy nose.

One way to relieve a stuffy nose is with steam. Steam from a shower, a kettle, or even a cup of chicken soup can help. But, if you really want to get rid of your stuffy nose, try this method.

What you drink can affect your stuffy nose.

Drinking fluids like water, tea or juice will thin mucus, which will help alleviate your stuffy nose. But avoid beverages that contain caffeine, because they will only make your stuffy nose worse.

you should have it with you whenever your nose drives you mad. This might not be the case every time, since you have to buy it first, and then carry it with you whenever you go.

Avoid irritants. Common irritants that may stimulate mucus production include cigarette smoke and sudden temperature changes - going from extreme heat into air conditioning, for instance.

Get a steaming bowl of hot water, stick a flannel over the back of your head and stick your head in it (not the boiling water but in the bowl so the steam reaches your face) It should hopefully, unblock your nose and you can blow it all out

Yoga Can Help You Of stuffy Nose

Most of us have a common notion that stuffy nose is due to thick mucus in the nasal passage and in the quest of how to get rid of a stuffy nose we try some methods like nasal soothing by hot vapors from water and eucalyptus oil or mint. Some of us try to blow hard our nose to remove the mucus but in vain, instead we hurt our ear drum in doing so. If you are practicing such activities to get rid of stuffy nose.

Use a saline nose spray

Use a saline nose spray It sounds really gross but it works incredibly. I felt soooooooo much better after using it. My nose was clear and I got better much more quickly than normal. Now I always keep one in the house just in case.

get rid of a runny nose

Medication doesn't help, anyway. You can open a stuffed nose up again by inhaling vapor (put boiling water in a bowl, cover the bowl and your head with a towel and breathe through your nose), it helps if you add camphor or menthol in some form (opens up the sinuses). You can also use saline solution, spray it up your nose while you breathe in, then spit it out through your mouth.

takes some nyquil, drink some lemon tea wrap yaself in a warm blanket and relax. i gauranteed you would feel better. Try using Tylenol Cold & Flu, Neo Citran or the NyQuil/DayQuil combo pack. If any of these or any other cold medicine does not work, you may have to get a prescription for antibiotics. Good luck. Another thing you can do also besides medcine is drinking lots of orange juice, loaded with Vitamin C.

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