How to Prevent From Tanning

Published: 10th June 2008
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Tanning is the process of making leather from skin. This is commonly done with the acidic compound tannin, which prevents normal decomposition and often imparts color.

One of the most important tips you should follow is to always choose the right type of sun tan lotion before going out in the sun. This will protect your skin from the UVB rays damaging your skins collagen and cells and will also add extra nutrients to rebuild your skin. Usually, SPF 30 or 45 will be the highest amount of protection available from a sun tan lotion. You may also want to consider getting a lotion that has moisturizer. This will help add nutrients to your skin while you are exposed to the sun. The nutrients needed most while in the sun consist of Vitamins A and E. There are also several moisturizers that will not contain oil in them which will work better for keeping your skin balanced.

The makeup of such a pill to give you a sun baked look would have to include caretenoid pigments or tyrosine, but if neither of these is in the pill, it really is just an over-marketed multivitamin. The effect of the caretenoid pigments or tyrosine is to alter the skins pigmentation, essentially hoping to fake the tan. In documented cases, some have reported their skin to turn orange, and to have uneven blotchiness in areas and no effect in other areas of their body. Each chemical works slightly differently, but the effect is supposedly the same - a tan.

Take a nutritional supplement that contains tyrosine (Tyrosine is an amino acid that the body produces naturally and is essential to the tanning process. The body actually continues to tan after UV exposure until it uses up the tyrosine present. It acts as an internal accelerator, but does nothing without UV light exposure. Be sure to follow directions of any nutritional supplement. Your Tanning Zone consultant can recommend an appropriate product for you.)

The sun and its Ultra Violet (UV) rays can be really good for us: the light and warmth can make us feel relaxed and sensual; it can increase the release of endorphins, leaving us with a natural "high"; UV rays also help our bodies to produce Vitamin D, which is necessary for healthy bones and healing scar tissue; it also helps improve blood flow.

Clear Self Tanning Treatment for faces was inspired by the beauty and purity of water. Light and clean it is ideal for faces. As exfoliating ingredients in facial skin care products cause self tanning to fade most quickly from the face, AQUA TAN™ Self Tanning Treatment is the perfect solution for at home tanning touch-ups. Now you can sport a healthy glow every day. Exquisitely packaged in unique luminescent cobalt blue and silver airless atomizer bottles.

This may hurt a bit when the towels start to get warmer but since the cold is drawing the heat out of your skin. Keep alternating the towels until there is no more burn, you will find that if you keep this up for either an hour or longer depending on the severity of the burn, that the sensitivity in your skin is gone so is the heat, and the moisture from the wet towels also helps keep the skin so it doesn't peel or itch as bad.

Sunburn doesn't just happen in hot weather - reflection of light off the snow can also cause sunburn. It is visible radiation damage to the skin. UV rays are a type of radiation energy, which are given out by the sun and sun beds/tanning lamps. Sunburn early in life increases one's risk of developing skin cancers later in life such as melanoma , basal cell carcinoma , and squamous cell carcinoma. It can easily be prevented through the use of sunscreen, clothing (and hats), and by limiting solar exposure, especially during the middle of the day. Many people also think that a suntan makes a person look young and healthy.

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