How To Reduce Dust In Your House

Published: 14th July 2008
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Cleaning House

No matter how much time you spend on cleaning you house, the dust comes back the very next day and all your efforts seem to have gone down the drain. Apart from the outdoor sources, there are many indoor sources of house dust as well, like skin particles, human hair, cloth fibers, dog hair, insect parts, and so on. Whatever be the source of the dust, you need to take steps to reduce it as much as much as possible.

Strategies To Reduce Dust From Your Home

It's a common complaint. Just a few days after a thorough house cleaning, that unsightly dust is back, settling on every surface in your house. Dust can also contribute to respiratory allergy suffering. Although the visible dust is most obvious, health scientists now say it is the very small invisible particulates and noxious gases we should be most worried about. What's the answer? Here are seven proven ways to greatly reduce dust and breathe easier in your home.

Way To Reduce Dust In Your House

USE DAMP RAGS While dusting the house avoid using feather dusters and dry rags as they only tend to spread the dust. Thus always use damp rags or damp cloth as they help to attract the gather the dust.

PET CARE If you have a pet at home then bath and brush your pet on regularly basis as pets are a probable source of dust in the house. And always clean the paws of your pet whenever it comes back from a walk outside to avoid entering the dust with hits paws.

CLOTH STORAGE Always keep your clothing in drawers and keep the closet door closed to reduce the chances of dust settling on your cloths.

How to Get Rid of Dust

Vacuuming your house with a special filter will get rid of dust. Vacuum regularly those things in your house that are covered with fabric because fabrics tend to collect dust. If you have carpets, keep those vacuumed as often as possible because carpet collects more dust than anything else in your house.

Rotate bedding weekly.

Your cozy bed is a major dust distributor. The bedding collects skin flakes, sheds its own fibers and sends out a puff of dust every time you roll over. To minimize the fallout, wash sheets and pillowcases weekly. Items that aren't machine washable don't need weekly trips to the dry cleaners.

Take cushions out for a beating.

Upholstery fabric not only sheds its own fibers but also absorbs dust that settles on it. You raise puffs of dust every time you sit down. The only way to eliminate upholstery dust is to buy leather- or vinyl-covered furniture. But there are three ways to reduce dust on fabric.

Reduce the Dust Mite Population in Your Home

Change the flooring. Carpet is a big culprit in creating a perfect haven for dust mite populations. If your family is suffering from dust mite allergies or asthma, removing wall-to-wall carpeting should be a number one priority, especially in the bedroom zone.

Vacuum regularly. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean floors and mattresses regularly. Micro-filters are important because they help in ensuring that the dust is not simply recirculated in the air. Keep your vacuum serviced to maintain its condition.

Dust is dirt, dead skin cells, dander, fibers from various fabrics, bug parts, and dust mites, the little critters that live and breed in the mix. The stuff comes into your house and stays there.

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